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Cultivating Relationships and Building a Family of Partners


We are committed to sourcing and providing the highest quality, well-cared-for protein available to chefs, butchers, and retailers. As the food system undergoes rapid change, we remain steadfast in our mission.

At Preservation Meat Collective, we are proud to partner with heritage, heirloom, and sustainable growers. We believe in our products and will only offer them if we have visited the producer and its operation, ensuring that we earn your trust.

Our team consists of food lovers, cooks, and industry veterans who know that offering the best products is not enough without exceptional service. We have spent years cultivating relationships and building a family of partners, and we are honored to include you in our community.

We take our commitment to our partners seriously and extend our family philosophy to every member of our team. We will live and breathe our words, treating everyone with respect and dedication.

Thank you for choosing Preservation Meat Collective as your partner.

Our Team

Sean's journey into the world of food began at a very young age when his family migrated to the rural Northern part of Bellingham, WA in the mid-1980s.…


Travis believes all pie, except apple, is transformational.  Further, strongly held beliefs include him being an avid fly-fisherman and big game…

Chase Carruthers
Operations & Warehouse Guru

Chase is a born and raised Seattlite. From a young age, she watched her mom cook dishes from many different cultures, which grew into her deep love of…


Craziest Thing you've cooked: One time I decided to process a whole animal (Maui Nui venison into mortadella for an event for 700 people). I had never…


If you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go and why? Europe and Italy, it’s where my family is from. If you could only eat…


What was your first paying job? My first paying job was shoveling horse poop on a ranch in Hobart, at the age of 12. My second paying job was doing other…


What’s your favorite cut of meat and why? Porterhouse steak, I like it because it is equal parts bone, meat, and fat. Chef I wish I could eat with:…


If you could only eat one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be?      -Totally beef. Largest versatility as far as cuts…