A revolving and custom cut list from Pacific Northwest Farms. 

We strive to have Wagyu carcasses brought in monthly.  

Pre-orders & planning is STRONGLY encouraged.  


Please contact Sean So and Chase Carruthers for more information. 

Authentic Wagyu - Enumclaw, WA 

Authentic Wagyu raises the finest quality 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef from 100% Fullblood Tajima cattle.

Since 2008, we have been perfecting our exceptional Wagyu program in Enumclaw, Washington. We follow a strict feeding regimen that was developed by our expert herdsmen, and we keep our cattle as stress-free as possible. Authentic Wagyu’s 100% Fullblood Wagyu is as close to Japanese A5 Wagyu as you can find.

We take pride in keeping everything local to Washington State and raising our cattle according to traditional Japanese Husbandry.  


Bar-R Wagyu - Pullman, WA 

Jerry and Heidi Reeves started converting their small commercial cattle herd into a Wagyu herd in 1990. Over the past three decades have been dedicated to advancing the American Wagyu breed. Bar R Cattle is the oldest continually active member in the American Wagyu Association.

Located in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington, we winter cattle on family land in the breaks of the Snake River and lease land in the Idaho Mountains for summer pasture. We grow and produce our own alfalfa hay during the summer to feed our cattle through the winter.


Klingeman Family Wagyu - Moses Lake, WA

Pure Country F1 Cross 

Full Blood  Crossed with Angus 

Pure Country Cross - Full Blood  crossed with Holstein/Jersey Cross 

Breeding Holstein females to Wagyu bulls is already commonplace in both Japan and Australia with Wagyu x Holstein deemed as the ultimate cross in Japan because Holsteins are the next highest marbling cattle breed behind Wagyus, producing meat superior in quality to Wagyu crossed with any other breed. 


Magnolia Cattle Co. Wagyu - Bothell, WA 

Extremely limited and rare. The second oldest Wagyu operation on the west coast. 


Pacific Rogue Wagyu - Gold Beach, OR 

Pacific Rogue Wagyu is completely family-owned and operated. We are involved in every step of the process- from birth to butcher.

Since 1993 we have been perfecting our herd genetics to ensure 100% pure animals and top-quality breeding stock All of our animals are pasture raised until they reach a select weight and age. At that time they begin a grain-fed regimen. Our full-blood animals are fed on a 500+ day ration, which has been designed and used inside the country of Japan. This feeding is specifically designed for the Wagyu breed and is what takes our meat beyond prime.