About The
Chase Carruthers
Operations & Warehouse Guru

Chase is a born and raised Seattlite. From a young age, she watched her mom cook dishes from many different cultures, which grew into her deep love of cooking.

She worked in the Washington fish industry for almost nine years, where she met Travis, one of Preservation's Co-Founder. This friendship led to Travis asking her to take a risk, leaving that chapter of her life behind to come work with Preservation. Making the change from fish to meat was a unique challenge that has allowed her to expand her skills and grow as a person

The support of Travis and Sean has allowed her to excell professionally, and helped her build a sense of community, friendships, and family. She is honored to be their "guru," and loves answering questions about her inventory or logistics for the Preservation team and Partners - who she affectionately calls her work family.

Most importanly, Chase could not have done any of this without the support of her loving wife, her family, and of course her amazing dog Atlas and cat Winter. (Atlas is the lovebug in Chase's profile picture.)